What's New at DCM?

Click here to check out our samples, including a Donzi "Classic 18" windshield. Fabrication files are available for purchase for the Donzi windshield if you need one for your boat too.

DCM's analysis of historic world record muskie photos is discussed in the July 2013 issue of Ontario Out of Doors "For the Record: The 65-pound Muskie Question" by Peter Brewster.



There are few limits to the measurement solutions DCM can provide within the Industry and Engineering sectors.  DCM will work with all clients to develop a system that meets the needs and scope of the project including:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Measurement solutions for areas of high risk
  • Measurement solutions for areas of limited and/or zero accessibility
  • Development of streamlined measurement processes to save time and costs

DCM has proven capabilities in providing measurement solutions for items of all sizes...from teeth to airplanes to icebergs!

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