What's New at DCM?

Click here to check out our samples, including a Donzi "Classic 18" windshield. Fabrication files are available for purchase for the Donzi windshield if you need one for your boat too.

DCM's analysis of historic world record muskie photos is discussed in the July 2013 issue of Ontario Out of Doors "For the Record: The 65-pound Muskie Question" by Peter Brewster.



DCM uses science and mathematics to solve, analyze and support solutions for Forensic Measurement problems.  DCM uses state of the art software (PhotoModeler) and technology (Total Station, Cloud Point, Scanners, etc...) with a strong specialization in Photogrammetry to develop image-based modeling, for accurate measurement details and 3D models. 

DCM has extensive experience working to determine forensic measure facts and truths with police departments, legal representation, insurance companies and private organizations.

DCM will provide professional, accurate, timely and courteous measurement and anlysis solutions to all clients. The following is a summary of many of the services that we offer:

  • surveillance images
  • historic pictures
  • map visibility
  • vehicle damage documentation
  • accident scene inspection
  • forensic mapping using state of the art survey equipment
  • CAD diagramming
  • seat belt analysis
  • air bag system analysis and EDR download
  • photogrammetry / photogrammetric measurements from unknown photographs
  • forensic photography
  • dynamic testing
  • visibility analysis
  • mechanical design and component failure
  • mirror visibility assessment on buses & large trucks

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