What's New at DCM?

Click here to check out our samples, including a Donzi "Classic 18" windshield. Fabrication files are available for purchase for the Donzi windshield if you need one for your boat too.

DCM's analysis of historic world record muskie photos is discussed in the July 2013 issue of Ontario Out of Doors "For the Record: The 65-pound Muskie Question" by Peter Brewster.


Parts Inspection Services

DCM uses photogrammetric processes to provide 3D (and 2D) files of items, in multiple formats including, but not limited to CAD, Rhino and Solidworks.

Through pictures, DCM uses photogrammetry to process and digitize items of all shapes, sizes and complexity. Previous parts inspections projects have included everything from transformer covers to uncovered underground pipes.

DCM staff can attend sites for photo capture. Alternatively, DCM can work with clients to develop safe and proper procedures for ideal photo capture, uploading and processing by qualified DCM staff.

Photogrammetric processing provides reliable, scientific and cost saving metrological services for all clients. Previous projects have included photo capture in hazardous areas, confined spaces, locations of difficult and/or dangerous entry. In these situations, pictures have been taken via DCM processes and provide accurate digitized files for the clients when alternative measurement services were not feasible.

DCM was contracted to develop a process to measure electrical transformers for protective covers without having to shut the transformers down. The client needs necessitated a process that protected the integrity of their service while solving their measurement issues in a dangerous location.

Following a simple training session via email and telephone, the client successfully learned the process for photo capture of the electrical transformer components and uploaded to DCM for processing. This contract demonstrated the range and capabilities of DCM when measurements are required in hazardous locations and when client services could be affected by alternative measurement methods.


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